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KIE-LOCK splices use a male-female connection with steel plates and attached rebar anchors precast into the ends of the pile segments. 

When splicing, rectangular high-strength steel bars are driven into the matching annular grooves of the plates, forming a shear key joint.                                             

 How they work - Pile Splices

Male/female splice halves are interchangeable.  24", 30" & 36" sq units have 4 bars at 90°.


  • If pile lengths are too long for casting, hauling, or driving in one piece.
  • Where low head-room or height restrictions requires short segments.
  • Enables the use of smaller equipment  for cheaper hauling or driving.
  • Where it is in the public safety interest to loft and drive shorter segments.


Standard Shapes - Pile SplicesStandard Shapes - Pile Splices

Standard Shapes: Square, Octagonal, Hexagonal and Round.
Standard sizes: 12", 14", 15", 16", 18", 20", 24", 30" and 36".
Special shapes and sizes are made -- for cylindrical or composite piles, eg.


  • The only pile splice in the world engineered for concrete prestressed piles.
  • Designed to meet or exceed any pile capacity or load requirement.
  • Adaptable to virtually any pile size, shape, and strand pattern.
  • Positive locking – cannot come apart during driving.
  • Splicing time is minimal – no welding, grouting, or epoxy needed, minimizing field labor.
  • Proven and reliable – tested, and extensively used for 35+ years in all types of projects.
  • Design calculations satisfying the latest US and Canadian engineering and code standards for prestressed piles are provided.


  • The KIE-LOCK is adaptable to virtually every pile design.  However, since some designs have much higher strengths than others, even for the same pile size, it is necessary to match strength requirements.  If the splice was standardized for the highest strength pile it would be too expensive for the standard commercial pile design of the region.  Splice costs reflect strength requirements.
  • The KIE-LOCK is made in customer specified quantities to suit project requirements.  There are some stocked standard QPL18" and 24" splices for  FDOT projects at the present time. 

TO OBTAIN A FIRM QUOTATION,  we need to know as many of these factors as possible per the RFQ form:

1)  Pile design: concrete strength, strand size, number, and location.
2)  Any particular bending and/or tension requirements on the drawing or in the specs,
     or epoxy dowel splice details if given as an option.
3)  Possible quantities (minimum number, maximum, how many  test piles). 
     Will there be a small  quantity of indicator/test piles needed before production piles are ordered?
4)  Best approximation of schedule: when test pile splices and production pile splices would
     be needed at the casting yard.

We constantly work at improving prices by manufacturing efficiencies with no compromise to quality to keep world leadership in cost effectiveness, reliability, and engineering that the KIE-LOCK splice is known for with prestressed concrete piles.


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